In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week:



What was your favorite subject in school?

In elementary school I didn’t really LOVE anything.  I was really good at spelling so I think I liked that. It didn’t take much thought or effort (sums me up pretty well:)

In middle school I loved the reading class I had in 7th grade. All we did in that class was read novels, I fell in love with books in middle school. (Only to fall out of love with them in high school and back in love with them in college…love affair remains).

In high school my enjoyment from my classes had more to do with friends, cool teachers, and such rather than actual subject matter. It surprises most people but my VERY favorite class in all of high school was the Reptiles, Amphibians, and Birds class I took sophomore year. I loved using a dichotomous key and exploring different kinds of reptiles and amphibians. (I didn’t much care for the bird part). I LOVED that class.

What about you? What was your favorite subject/class?

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