Those of you that are familiar with my blog know that changing the way we see ourselves, talk about ourselves, and take care of ourselves is a topic near and dear to my heart (See yesterday’s post on Lauren’s blog for starters). As a women who has fallen victim to believing that I wasn’t enough because women on magazines and television don’t look like me, I am passionate about changing that for myself. It is my hope that in doing that for myself, I encourage and inspire other women to also change the way they see themselves without thinking that they have to change a thing about how they look.

When Brooklyn from This Little Blonde announced a You are Beautiful Link Up (partnering with Speak Now and a bunch of other wonderful ladies), I knew I had to get on board. Without further adeiu I bring you:

bride near temple

What Makes Me Beautiful


I love my skin.

It tans well. It is also always smooth and silky. Smooth/silky skin=sexy.

I love my eyes. 

“Bedroom eyes” I’ve been told. I love the shape of them, I love the color of them. I love that they make me look like both my mom and my dad (mostly dad).

I love my lips.

They are just full enough and just shapely enough. They look good with just a little bit of gloss on them. 

I love my hips.

They are wide and they are noticeable. There was a time when I did not embrace them. Today I do. They are womanly and they add such shape to my body. 

With those hips comes a smaller waist.

My hips are more than 10 inches wider than my waist (last time I was measured it was like 13 or 14 inches or something crazy like that). My smaller waist is also something I’ve recently come to embrace. I love the curve from my waist to my hips. I love how feminine and sexy I feel. I love dressing to emphasize both the smaller waist and the wider hips. I love taking ownership of those parts of my body and showcasing them rather than trying to hide them.

I love my boobs.

They are not big. They are not small. In my words they are “Just right.” They are the ONLY part of my body that I have never wished looked different. They are the part of my body that I have always liked. I love that if I put on a sports bra to go running they practically disappear, they cause me no trouble. On the other hand, I can put them in a V.S. push-up bra and have some pretty decent cleavage. 

I love my hands.

I have long, thin fingers and my hands have been referred to as “sexy” by a few people. My grandma always commented on them and told me I needed to play piano. My uncle told me I needed to play basketball. I have big hands, but they are still feminine and delicate. I love this. 

I have long legs.

My husband is about 4 inches taller than me and yet I wear a longer pant than he does. My legs are long and shapely as well.  I can do so much with them. I love that I can run with them. I love that they are so flexible. Mostly I love how they feel curled up on Zach’s lap or around him when we go to sleep at night.

lap 2


I love.

I have a really big and really feeling heart. I can honestly say that if you give me a minute, I can love anyone. (I’m working on making that statement 100% true.) 

I have compassion.

Zach laughs at me because I can hate the “bad guy” in a movie all the way through and then when something bad happens to him, I feel sorry. It’s that way in real life, too. I feel for people no matter what. There are people in my life who have done wrongs to me (some that would seem unforgivable) yet, I feel so much for them. When I let those feelings overpower the negative, I find that I am much more at peace. Compassion brings peace. 

I strive for improvement.

I am under no guises that I am perfect, though I do know my strengths. I am still ever-striving for improvement. I am working first and foremost on changing my heart. I see the need for change in my life and I am willing to embrace it. 

I am intelligent.

I learn quickly. I catch on quickly. I see the big picture quickly. I have a deep perspective and a rich understanding. I am a knowledge-seeker and am constantly learning. 

I am driven.

I am not okay with being content. I am driven for more. More out of life, more out out of myself, more for my career (for now), more out of my marriage, more order in my home. It’s a delicate balance between accepting things as they are and striving for improvement, but I work for that balance. I am aggressive and ambitious when it comes to going after what I want. 

I honor virtue.

I hold the honor of being a woman in high regard. I want to be a woman who is kind, patient, hard-working, Godly, and holds high moral standards. I stand up for the things I believe to be right. If you know me, you know where I stand.  I may not be her everyday, but I strive to because I honor virtue. 

I laugh.

I enjoy funny things. I enjoy being silly. I enjoy laughter. 

I feel.

I feel everything very deeply whether it’s happiness, sadness, or anything in between. While this can cause problems for me, I am grateful that I am so feeling. I’m grateful for my sensitivity to the world. I don’t think I earned it (I think it was how I was made), but I do hold it close to my heart. I don’t try to suffocate it. I don’t try to expose it to things that will desnsitize it. My heart is deeply feeling and I protect that. 

The ideas about my beauty come solely from what I believe to be beautiful about myself. I didn’t ask Zach. I didn’t ask my mom. I took a minute and thought about the things I love about myself inside and out and wrote them down. I encourage you to do the same and link up with Brooklyn. I can’t WAIT to read everyone’s posts!