I was torn between honoring mom’s again today on my Friday turn on the blog or honoring teachers since it has been Teacher Appreciation this week  As you can see the teachers won out on this today.  I will however still give some honor to some mom’s again next week. Every day is Mother’s Day in reality.

I am sure you are all aware that one of MY favorite teachers is Mrs. Hatch!  I actually really liked Miss Larson too. I would also like to state that there may be  large majority of middle school and 5th grade students that also agree with me on a favorite teacher. I am not just saying this because she is my daughter but, also because it is simply TRUE… There are some very good teachers, some mediocre teachers and some simply awful teachers out there and there always has been.

When I was attending college my original choice was the flight attendant program which I decided against (that is another story). I later decided to try for Social Work … until we had the geriatric course and I got so sad I simply thought I wouldn’t make it through and then the topper was the child abuse section.  That was it!  I love kids I simply couldn’t do that job!  I chose to work toward education and possibly be a teacher. I didn’t finish school and I had often wondered what it would have been like had I completed it and went into teaching.  After Shar started her schooling and then clear into her career I have been living vicariously through her lessons and experiences. I love hearing what she learns and I loved her first classroom stories. Could I have done this job? Probably not..

I want to warn you. If you are of the opinion that teachers make more than they deserve or the mindset of “so what – they get summers off ” or If you have any disrespect for them as a whole I want you to read on.. AND I also want to smack you just a little!

Why do I appreciate GOOD teachers?  In the past 5 years I have been in Shar’s classroom before the school year begins, during the school year and when school is out.  I have come to know the people she works with, her principal, her kids and even some of her mentors. I have observed hard work, patience, intelligence,frustration, common sense and LOVE.  Last August I was in her room helping her set up and clean and get the class  ready for the first day of school.  The hallway was like Grand Central Station.. Teachers were running back and forth,, bringing things in from their cars, throwing things out, talking in the hallway about their new classes and coming into Shar’s room with offers of curriculum materials  to share, pencil sharpeners that work and the feeling of excitement to begin a new year.  This feeling is contagious and also saddening to me. I love to be a part of it, I love watching and listening to them talk about ideas and plans and what they will do for field trips. I leave and go home. They take this with them throughout the whole year! I am a little bit jealous of the parts they get to play in bringing a chance at a better life to their students through education. They get to influence our world in ways that are unimaginable to them or to us.  I just go home.. and hope for good stories.

Teachers have summers off.. yeah.. do you know what they do with this?  They take more classes! They teach summer school, They wonder what they will do in August for their new class..

They do not make a lot of money and the truly good ones knew this going in and did it anyway..Why?  They had a higher plan and money didn’t really make or break the deal.  They work alone in their classroom and yet answer to 25-30 parents many who have a huge distorted opinion of what they should be doing. They have to meet with them and deal with disrespect from some of them , they deal with conflicts in the classrooms, they discipline their kids and they stand up for them, they grade papers at night and some of them all weekend. They work carnivals and parent meetings, performances and field trips. They prepare and plan and hope to the heavens at ISAT time,  They write and rewrite lesson plans, they argue and agree with each other over ideas for their students. They play and work and pray for them! They truly want to make the world larger for each student that crosses their path.  This is very difficult and heartbreaking along with being rewarding and wonderful. They make friends that they love and have to let go.  Each year the class takes a piece of the teacher with them and the teachers lose a part of their hearts.

What would make a person take a lower paying, long hour, politically charged, exhausting career like this?  The belief in DREAMS coming true. The HOPE for a better world. The FAITH that it will happen and more LOVE than anyone can imagine.

I for one am very grateful for good teachers, I am even a little grateful for the bad ones as I have some quite odd stories to tell.  Do they deserve appreciation?   YES.. Y    E   S    they do!!!!

“One Hundred Years From Now”

One hundred years from now
It won’t matter
What kind of car I drove
What kind of house I lived in
How much money I had in the bank
Nor what my clothes looked like
The world may be a little better
Because, I was important
In the life of a child.

Author: (excerpt from “Within My Power” by Forest Witcraft)

Thank you Nikki, Jenniffer, Corey, Misty,Katrina,Renee, Kathy,Bonnie, Susan, Taylor. Wayne, Peggy, ALL GOOD TEACHERS Everywhere  and especially  MRS HATCH !!

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