My final teacher appreciation for the year is the reason I’m here today blogging.

Another college teacher, this time for a writing class I took. Her name is Susan and I am forever grateful for her.

teacher appreciation week

In Susan’s class we learned about the types of writing in order to teach writing to students. It is one of the most memorable classes I have from college. Everything we did in that class was application based and I learned so much.

Again, though, it wasn’t that I learned to teach in her class, it was that I learned to write that makes me so thankful for her.

Every writing assignment was something that I grew increasingly excited about. I couldn’t wait to start putting pen to paper. It was challenging to try to find words to depict a feeling, a time, or a place. But I eagerly awaited each challenge.


I started that class a few months after a major heartbreak. Yes, a few of my pieces were wound up in the concept of broken hearts and first loves, but it felt so good to share it and you know what? It felt even better to share it with an audience and to have someone else read it and comment on it.

She wrote the most encouraging comments. One said, “This is a perfect description of early love.” That’s all, but I loved that she was able to get that fro a poem I wrote. I would never speak those things out loud to a stranger, but to write them was a completely different story. It became an addiction.

At the end of the semester she wrote this when she graded my portfolio:

Thank you! These pieces are incredible! I was blown away! You are certainly right about voice. It’s so strong in your writing. I certainly would expect that you’ll continue to write for yourself and with your students. I have so much enjoyed having you in my class this year! I believe that you are going to be a fantastic teacher!
*Emphasis added


I did a lot of writing in my notebooks during classes and those writings became more purposeful after that class. I eventually ended up saving some of those writings on the computer and then I started sharing them on social networks like MySpace (just totally dated myself) and Facebook. I had a blog, but at the time I thought this was going to be an educational forum. Instead, I gave into the narcissist inside of me and started sharing my stories here. I still have those few pieces in the drafts folder…wondering if I’ll ever decide to share them on here.

The reason that I decided to write is because, not only did someone teach me how, but someone taught me that I could.

What I’ve learned from this week is not so much the concepts we learn from our teachers. Of course we need to know how to read, write, and problem-solve. But those things that really make an impact is what we learn about ourselves from our teachers. What they unlock inside of us, and what they help us to embrace when even we don’t know that we are capable.

I am forever grateful to all of the teachers I’ve been so lucky to have that did this for me…I am so much richer after discovering those hidden talents, and it makes me pause and wonder, What else is hiding?