blogging tips from an emerging blogger

I’ve been blogging for years. Four years to be exact. Of course over the past two, I’ve become more consistent with posting as I’ve started to truly enjoy the writing aspect of blogging. It’s become very theraputic for me and I find that in the past two years, I’ve grown into more the person I want to be. I’m more positive and grateful, and because of those things, I’ve found a different sense of happiness that I’m so grateful for.

When I started truly enjoying the writing aspect of blogging, I started reading A LOT more blogs and I fell in love with the community of blogging. I kept trying to grow my numbers and make friends with other bloggers with little to no success. Most of my readers were a few faithful readers and commenters (thank you) , lurkers, and my mom’s friends (love you all!), and a few family members. Where were the other bloggers? Why wasn’t I making friends with any of them?

blogging geek

Since March my page views more than doubled, I can honestly say that I’ve made a few friends, and even though I have a long way to go from where I want to be, I feel like I’m starting to find my place in the blogging world.

I have so much to learn. I will learn it…as I’ve accepted this as my hobby (Zach used to call it my hobby and I would get mad and say it’s just something I do when I need to work out some feelings, like exercise…it’s not a hobby). It is my hobby. When I look up blogging books online and secretly dream of going back to school for graphic design, I think I can say I’ve found a new passion. It may be a tad geeky, but I like it.

This week I’m going to share a few things I’ve picked up along the way and I hope that you’ll enjoy this little series and please comment. I’d love to hear from reader/blogger standpoints on all of these topics.