blogging tips from an emerging blogger

Did you know that MOST bloggers respond to comments via email instead of on the post? I didn’t because most do and some don’t. (I’ll get into this more tomorrow).

All that time I was feeling bad about not getting feedback was actually because  they couldn’t contact me.


There’s a lot that’s been written about no-reply bloggers so I won’t say much and I’ll send you elsewhere. The reason I wasn’t making friends when I commented is because I was a no-reply blogger (Which basically means that when someone on Blogger read my comment, they wanted to respond, but they couldn’t because they didn’t have access to my email address).

My problem was that I was commenting on Blogger blogs (powered through Google) via my  Wordpress account and Blogger and WordPress don’t play nice when it comes to the Blogger platform (I love Google, but I hate how limited Blogger is compared to WordPress when it comes to interacting). I stopped commenting with a WordPress account and started commenting with my Gmail account (Google, you win–of course!) (If you want more information about how I did this, because there is still a lot involved in what I had to do, check out the links below and then email me if you need more help).

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