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In my opinion, sponsorship is the holy grail of blogging. I know there are a lot of differing views on this and I respect those views, but for me..this was the big blogging “Aha” that I needed. Once I discovered sponsorships, my readership and reader relationships grew.

What is a sponsorship?

A sponsorship is using a larger blog/blogger to advertise your blog. Most sponsorships can be done via sidebar ads, in-post ads, guest posts, spotlight posts, sponsored posts, and via social media “shout outs.”

I’ve linked to a few examples of the sponsorships I’ve used.


Button Swaps

Smaller blogs will often offer swapping options where you can put their button in your sidebar and they’ll put yours on their blog. It’s a great way to get some more readers without paying for sponsorships. It’s also a great way to make new friends. I love bloggers that are willing to swap even though they are bigger blogs like Wifessionals.

The Kinds of Sponsorships I Choose

First, choose a blog with some similarities to yours and a blog that you like. I dont’ sponsor the fashion blogs that I read, because I am not a fashion blogger so I don’t see the readers of that blog loving mine. I don’t sponsor super funny blogs even though I enjoy them because I am not super funny (at least not on my blog).

I choose to sponsor blogs that have a larger reader base with lots of social media followers. I also choose blogs that I have been reading and that work hard for their sponsors.

What am I Willing to Pay For?

If there’s a giveaway option or a spotlight option, I am willing to pay. I think having your name and a link out there on the blog instead of just an ad on the sidebar works wonders. I will not pay for only a sidebar ad.



Giveaways give you insta-followers by number only. This is why they are sort of a hot topic. If you participate in a giveaway, you pay money to participate (the ad space on the blog) and you pay for whatever item you are giving away. In order to enter the giveaway, a reader must follow you on Bloglovin, Twitter, “Like’ you on Facebook, etc. Yes, it’s insta followers but it is just in number. What I like about it is it generally builds a community.

You have more people to see your posts and maybe (just maybe) they’ll stick around if they like the title or the first few lines. You won’t truly gain all of the readers that follow you in a giveaway, but you will gain some. Giveaways work.

Sponsor Spotlights/Guest Posts

These are my preferred method of sponsoring. I love getting a chance to speak to a different reader group via a guest post or a spotlight post. That way the readers that visit my blog already know they have some interest in it.

Sponsor spotlights are written by the blogger instead of the guest poster and it introduces the blogger. The best sponsor spotlights done by the blogger, in my opinion, are the ones where the blogger tells a favorite post or something that helped them connect/relate to their sponsor.

Some of my favorite Sponsor Spotlights are done by Bonnie. The sponsors still get a small amount of time to share their writing voice and she includes the readers, see here. Kaitlyn has also changed the way she does sponsor spotlights/giveaways and I love them as well, see here.

Social Media Packages

Some blogs are now venturing away from sidebar ads and are instead offering social media packages. I purchased one of these packages at the beginning of May from Brooklyn. She has at least triple the number of Twitter followers and writes a lifestyle blog with a lot of similarities to mine. I figured, her followers might like my posts and be interested in it. It was a super affordable purchase and I have enjoyed this sponsorship.

Sponsorships are a great way to support other bloggers, get introduced to new readers, and build community.

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*If you want a post about offering sponsorships on your blog see here.

*If you are interested in the blogs I have sponsored in the past and my experience with them, please feel free to email me: believinginsomething {at} gmail {dot} com.