Our family has had some good milestone birthdays, 21, 25, 30, 50  and….

This is what  90  looks like


I occasionally like to recognize my kids and Todd’s birthdays in the blog and though I know he won’t read it(yet I may print it off and send to him) My Father-in-Law celebrated his 90th birthday last Friday.

90 Years! Wow what he has seen and done in his life many of us will only be able to read about.  I would like to take a second and tell you what it is like to have him in my life.

I have known Gordon longer than I have known Todd. He was the Parts Man at Fronk’s Chevrolet when I was just old enough to reach up to the counter and hand him a list from my dad of parts he wanted. I saw him for many, many years this way. Then I married Todd and he became my father-in-law but, I like to think of him as my other dad. I will claim him any day. Why? Because he is a real good guy. He is an honest, hardworking, even tempered, loving guy.  He is such a good example to me and to all of his family. He has weathered lots of storms in his life and he just keeps moving on.  He loved my mother in law with his whole heart and it was terrible for him to lose her and yet he kept his faith, kept praying, kept trying to help his kids out and just basically kept on going. He still keeps on going. He works in his yard, he cleans his house, he takes drives up in the mountains, he goes to church, he supports his kids and grandkids special occasions, he visits his sister, golfs, reads, plays solitaire and is the center of his family.

After Marty died Sharlee worried a lot about him and she took to trying to come and visit him and just hang out and go for drives with him. She told me one time that “Grandpa is my best friend in Dad’s family, he likes me without a condition and it is just nice to hang out with him.”

He was a witness at Shar’s wedding, he supported Shane on his mission. He enjoys phone calls  and visits from his kids.

shane larson family

He is real quiet so you have to hang with him alone to get a lot out of him. But his life and example speak volumes for him. He is the perfect example of the phrase..” What you do speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say.”  He doesn’t have to tell you as you can see it from watching him. The lessons he teaches through his example are how to work hard, save your money, raise your family, grow older gracefully and basically live a really good life.  He is someone we can all be proud of.

I for one want to tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for the good name that I have been privileged to carry since I married his son..

90 YEARS and still going strong..

Love you Gordon