Around Here:

-Sunday mornings are hectic. I swear, they are ALWAYS late to church. Every Sunday morning Sharlee says the same thing, “Shoot! We’re late.” Why don’t they just get moving earlier and going faster. And they think I am slow to catch on.

-They dress really nice that morning, though. The bathroom always smells like Shar’s good perfume and the stuff Zach puts on under his arms that smells good.

M at the Drive Thru

-They’re gone a lot for a weekend day. First there’s church and then they leave to go eat and sometimes they get home really late. It makes me sad, but it also makes me grateful for the Sunday curl up rule.

-I used to have a really hard time with Sundays because they were gone so long for church. THREE HOURS OF CHURCH?! It used to make me mad so instead of napping with them in the afternoon, I’d eat Sharlee’s shoes. Her Sunday shoes. Her best shoes. That made for some rough Sunday afternoons. Luckily I’ve figured out that I am not supposed to handle my disappointment/frustration that way.

-Sundays are nap days. Everyone shuts down (me included) for a Sunday nap. It is quite and peaceful. DO NOT CALL  BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 1 and 3ish…Sharlee gets really irritated.

Mal and Me

-Once the weather is better, they walk home from church which means I get to go for a walk to pick the car up later.

-Once a month everyone comes over to our house to eat. The big guy who can never get out of a chair (I think his name is Todd?) he and that lady (Mom?) always feel sorry for me. I have it good, but they seem to think I need extra attention and who am I to complain about that?

-Todd (if that’s his name) always lets me do things I’m not supposed to do. If I whine, he lets me in the house. He lets me go out front if I want. He let’s me do just about whatever I want.

-“I’m snacky” happens every Sunday night, but they never share their snacks with me.

-I do get a brand new bone every Sunday, though. Sunday night is curl up night. They curl up on the couch. I curl up on my bed next to the couch. I know what’s about to happen. Cuddling, TV, a new bone for me, and they will say how cute I am.

Curled Up

-Sundays are the best days. It’s like the happiest day in this house.

What are your Sunday house rules?