I got this week’s Answer This question from a comment left by the awesome Samantha at Life is But a Stream of Thoughts on this post. She said she’d love to see Chicago live and then BAM a new question came to my mind for you guys.

Which musical would you see live if you could?

My go-to answer has always been RENT since I (aside from Moulin Rouge) it’s the only musical I’ve ever fallen in love with. I even have the DVD of a Broadway performance of the movie and I love it.

I think I would cry, have goosebumps, etc…the entire time I saw it.


Yes, I know RENT is no longer on Broadway. But I would still like to see it done live…even on a super small theatre in Boise. It’s like a secret wish I have.

I have to add Les Mis to that list, though, too now. After seeing the movie (my first ever encounter with the story–judge away) I also fell in love. That movie had such an impact on me. I could have just sat in the theatre and cried for twenty minutes after it was over.


In addition…I’d love to see The Lion King.

What about you? If I could buy you tickets to your favorite musical LIVE which one would you chose?