So this is once again not a first thing in the morning post. Sharlee is on vacation though so maybe I am off the hook for a minute.   Today has been a really long and quite sad day.  I told you all of the layoffs in our company about two months ago. Today was the last day for most of the people who were told they would be moving on.Some of them left a while ago. First was Kristina.. oh jeez I can’t describe her in the short time on this blog. She is one of a kind and possibly one of the funniest, bluntest people I know. My family received stories of her from work frequently. She is hilarious and also very loving. I watched her care for her mom while she was very ill and then in her passing and I saw a patience and a love that is an example to me. She is the type of person you know is missing..  I certainly do!

Some of them have moved with the company to jobs in Portland.  This happened a while ago as well.  The Monday after Kathy and Patrick left and I was walking in to my job I felt an overwhelming sadness. They were the first two people I worked with when I came to this job almost 8 years ago.  I have spent more time with them in the past years than I have with a lot of my own family. I actually hold a love for them. Patrick is extremely smart and very observant with a dry sense of humor, He will say it like it is even when it isn’t popular. Kathy is close to my age and we have kids about the same and a lot in common due to this. We have been together through deaths, divorce, animal problems, children’s marriages and another set of layoffs.  So when I came in that morning and they were gone it gave me heartache.. it still does..

Then there is Yahne.. I have told you about Yahne  he got an offer to go to Portland after the first people moved there because they really need him. I LOVE him. He is just a good soul. I have learned more from him in the past 2 years about acceptance of people and not holding a grudge and rolling with things. I watched him-I haven’t been able to follow his example like I would like to but, I have his lessons in my head.. He is young and funny and interesting and I liked him right off.  So once again my loss.

Now we come to today.. I have mentioned Cherise and Jacque before as they are very good women.  I have had endless talks with Cherise, She has a story a week for me I swear. She has an innocent look with a really wicked glint in her eye.. She will tell you like it is. I only got to know her the last few years as well but, her funny, strange stories and many odd men tales and her cute thrift clothes shopping and son have been a part of my life now that is ending.  She says she will still let me know and I hope she will.  Jacque sat over the wall from me in our cubes, I talked to her over it and if she didn’t answer I figured she had her music on and I would email her.. Jacque are you there? and receive a What’s up?  back from her. She is young  and tall and doesn’t like to go downtown, loves spam and music like my husband   and then I discovered she was left handed.. So I claim her as an adoptive daughter. She shared her grandpa , family and life stories with me. I hope she doesn’t forget me.

Sheila worked with me in Tax before we worked together here. She is my aunts age. She has the funniest stories.  I told her a problem I had at work in Tax and she actually hoped for me to get justice. She loved her dad and her stories of him when she was growing up would actually make me laugh and cry. I would walk over and say stuff to her because she worked with Carma..

Then there is LuAnn.  I knew her from before but, not really well. She left and then came back a year ago. She and Carma remained friends and still saw one another during the time she was gone so I knew her through Carma.  She came back and worked on our desk, LuAnn, Patrick, Kathy and I.  She just came right in, She is a very kind person, hard working and so very easy to get along with. I liked her right off and she would laugh at Patrick and I until she almost cried. :) We talked daughters and family and Facebook stories she would share. I planned to work at least 5 years with her.. You can tell her things and they won’t go anywhere. She was a quick friend and it is a huge loss to me to have her gone.. I feel it is a loss for the company to lose these people as well.

We do spend a very large portion of our lives at work. The people we come in contact with every day have a lasting impact on us whether it is good or destructive. I feel blessed to have had them in my life and all the others as well.  I could write a novel on my experiences here.  Most of them don’t read this but, I wanted the readers of the blog to know a little about some of the best people I know AND love .   I wanted to say something about them because I want people to know what a gift I have had.   I pray for them to find things that make them happier than they were before ..

I would like you all to hope for them too..

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