I have been dealing with what I would like to call a “sports injury”.  I am sure in fact that it would in reality be called a “old , overweight and desk job injury”  or in other words Fat Ole Hag screws up..  But, either way it has become a part of my life. A very annoying, yet real part. Like escorting an old granny around town.

Let me first explain how this happened.  I got the bright idea that I would set up a church activity for the young women.  My brother Will  is a personal trainer at the gym. Sweet idea. I get him to give a class and they come and learn and try things out.. He is good at his job and funny so I decide this would be a really good evening. Well first lets explain here- I am old enough to be my brother’s mom ( another story) and all my life I have been very uncoordinated. So we pile into the gym with the gaggle of athletes and dancers and a few leaders and me.. He gives an educational section and then begins to show us all some exercises and we start following along and I am thinking “well sweet I am keeping up pretty good with this all things considered” THEENNNNN.. He shows us this crossover jumping jack thing and I begin to hop around and do it—ONCE.. then I feel this thing snap like a rubberband inside my knee and things begin to go black inside my brain.. and Will’s voice sounds really far away as I sweat.. I begin a silent prayer.. “please… don’t let me pass out and fall over in my BROTHER’s gym in front of all of these people”  Will saw it.. “are you ok” . I say yes .. still sweating and pray some more.. Well a few minutes down the road I have pulled my weakened frame back together and I finish out the routine MINUS  anything that has to do with a leg.  When we finish I walk to the truck to hand out my granola bars and water.. (version of healthy treat) with my leg slightly bent to keep it from springing loose again.  I am rather worried now as that was a much different feeling than I have ever had before. So I think something must be awry.. but, I hate doctors and plan to see if it will take care of itself..

Fast forward we are going on 4 months since it happened. I think it is doing better but, I can’t trust it anymore than you can a granny in the bathtub. I cannot explain how annoying it is to me to have to remember to watch out for granny.. I have to take her down slow to pull the weeds or plant my garden, I don’t walk with her straight as I may have an issue, when I do get down I have to heave her back up and use the other leg to compensate for it.. then there are her good days .. she seems like she is coming back to herself and then SMACK.. dropped her cane and over she goes.. I will be walking and something wobbles a bit and then I have to drag her along. I put her to bed and if she stretches out she can’t get back.. wakes me up and I have to pull her up.. I feed her ibuprofen to do anything  out of the ordinary .

This is NOT GOOD.

I need to explain that I do A LOT of things. I like yard work and  I have a lot of things to do. Also it is going into summer and that brings more stuff I like to do. I don’t like to carry granny around to do them. I want her to get a Hoveround and join up.. It is aggravation beyond belief.. My son is sending me information on ACL and MCL problems. I try to ignore him. I try to ignore Granny and then she yells.

This week she has been much better but, I have also spent nearly 60 hours in a desk this week so I didn’t try to take her anywhere. I want her to spring up and get moving.. I don’t want to see a doctor from my son’s informational packet. I want to be FINE!!!  There is little time for these shenanigans.

So coming on the next week. I plan to walk granny and maybe haul her to the gym…. Please hope for me!! I am too young to be this damn old.!!Friday's Fancy with Mom