I have missed Sharlee’s posts on her blog .. I won’t deny it.  I look forward to checking them everyday.  It is a reprieve from my regular day and a connection to her.  I spaced off posting the one I had partially written for Friday and since she is not on here I am going  to still post it today.     Sunday was Father’s Day and it always brings to mind for me the men I have in my life.  I have spoken with a lot of women in my life and a lot of what they have to say about men is very negative.   Things such as “what a loser I would never put up with that.”   “This is why I would never marry.. there are no good men.”  ” Did you hear what so and so’s dad did?”  The list goes on and on AND ON.


“Men are like pumpkins. It seems like all the good ones are either taken or they’ve had everything scraped out of their heads with a spoon.(sorry off the point I wanted to make but, this quote made me laugh)

Then I go to the list of the men I feel are good men in my life and I am grateful. I also feel that the women I speak of above have very good men in their lives as well.  We have to stop and think of  ALL  of the men and ALL of the things that they have done that are very decent things.

I had a father who took us camping and fishing and played kickball with us in the front yard when I was growing up. He took my brother Danny and I to work with him in his mechanic shop and later at his service station.. We learned a very valuable lesson about hard work from him. He was also the first one you could call for help. You knew he would be there in a second.   He was so opinionated and hard headed I believe it served him well.  He was also one of the strongest and most dependable men I will ever know.

I have a father in law who took vacation time with my mother in law and came to Boise to help Todd and I paint our first house. He later came with Marty and watched our kids while Todd and I went to San Francisco.  He painted my shed for me while we were gone.  He has been very unselfish in supporting our children and us in major life events.  He is a good example of someone who follows their faith and he loved Marty truly.

I have Todd who I feel I have loved my whole life.  He has always been hard working and I can count on that. I have never had to put up with a man that finds a way out of work.  He was gone a lot of the time working when our kids were growing up but, he was very good at trying to be sure that they had the things they needed for the events in their life. He had to work extra when I was on maternity leave so that we could put Shar in preschool. It wasn’t necessary but, she wanted to go and so it was for Shane’s first year in Optimist Football as well.  We didn’t have the extra money so he found a way to earn it. I can depend on him and  he is faithful to me. He also chose when he came back to church to do it all the way. He decided if he was going to be there he was going to live it and follow it with all his heart. I have seen this work miracles in our home and our lives. He is my friend… the one I want to tell my stories to, the one who doesn’t laugh when I am funny and I still laugh anyway.  When I see him drive up in his truck from work I still get a happiness in my heart like I did when we were really young and he came driving up in his El Camino with his disco music blaring. (May have a blog on his music later, though) He is in my opinion also still pretty good to look at.

Shane- where do I start with Shane? I talk about Shar a lot on here and from that you know a lot about her and how great she really is. I don’t often tell of him straight out and I should.  He is hands down the funniest guy you could ever meet.  He will pull a joke out of anywhere.. Sometimes I don’t approve of them but, the rest of the kids seem to think he is just hilarious. When he loves someone he loves them all the way.  He loves Kylie with his whole heart,  he loves his friends and his family.  He holds on to the people he cares about and still tries to keep them in his life.  He served two years in a foreign country on a mission for our church. He learned the gospel and the language there and he has held on to the knowledge he gained from both.  He actually knows my friends and my work. He calls me to leave me a message each day. He cares that I  feel sad and that I am having a hard time. I have countless stories I could tell of him and his decency. I may someday tell them just for the sake of having them down.  I know I am his mother but, I have a strong back-up group that thinks he has a grand potential and I truly hope he reaches it. He is one of my two greatest blessings ever on this earth.

Zach–Oh my gosh I love Zach. I really truly do. He has been a good guy since the day I met him. He fit right in here with all of us as well. He doesn’t judge people and he seems to think everyone is fine even when they obviously are not!  It makes me glad that he found Shar. They are very good together. He is so kind to her and he truly loves her. What more could I have asked for than this? I couldn’t but, I got another son.. a person who will actually be fine with whatever I cook at Sunday dinner, a person who would drive out from Nampa at 11.00 at night to help my dad with his t.v.  That is the kind of guy he is…. I credit his dad’s for him as well. They have to be some pretty decent men as this is a pretty good guy to be proud of.

I would also like to honor my Grandpa Elmer, my brothers and brother in laws, my friend Cory, my uncles, Shar’s friends(Jonny in particular) and Shane’s friends, my friends,  Kylie’s dad and grandpa, Zach’s dad’s and grandpa’s and many many more.

Are these men perfect? No they are not. They come with habits and tempers and flaws and weaknesses but, don’t we all? It would be terrible if we are judged only by the imperfections we carry and so it is with the men we have in our lives as well. They are just humans carrying on with what they were taught and moving forward and trying to be better every day-as are all of us.  Which brings us to the best gift of all ..

Our Father in Heaven- who loves us all even in our flawed and weakened state. He stands always waiting for us, always ready to hold out the help for us, teach us, forgive us and hopefully bring us home to him.

Today I am really grateful  for MORE than a few good men..

Friday's Fancy with Mom