Todd and I have spent many, many hours together traveling in the car in our 32 years of marriage.  I read Shar’s blog a while back about traveling with your significant other and I thought that it was really nice how they both wanted to do things yet, they were worried about each other having a good time on their trip.  I think they are more compatible traveling partners than Todd and I.

 He and I start out fairly well every time (unless we have had an issue on the time it is taking for me to do the 500 things I have to do before we leave the house).  He wants to already be there and I need to clean the counters off.  Anyway after that is over we get in the car start down the road and I usually have a cooler with pop and most of the time some snack we don’t normally buy like Ed’s Beef Jerky.  So… off on our adventure.. Drinking pop, asking if he wants teriyaki or spicy beef jerky, leaving town .. the two of us leaving town.. fun!

Then we hit the freeway….. If it is anywhere near 5 o’clock Todd starts his ranting on where do all these people come from and how much he hates traffic.  Then I will get into the deal with him about riding too close to their rear end. I normally will not admit this to him but , he is a really decent driver aside from this horrible habit in which I can see the part in the driver in front of our car’s hair because he is so freaking CLOSE..
Oh well we are heading out of town!! Yeah!!! So hold my eyes half closed to Mountain Home and all is well.  Well almost all. This last trip he was trying to run his GPS from his phone which was an all attentive problem for him and it was involving every once in while driving over the line because he was trying to figure out how to make it stand up on the dash.. Mind you we have driven this same destination easily over a 1000  times and I am not exaggerating here so he simply doesn’t need a GPS to tell him. “it is just for fun can I have some fun?” to which I state  “sure you can in Heaven when we land there.”  I am pretty sure we wouldn’t need a GPS for that.  We may however need to knock on the pearly gates and beg.. after the words I previously uttered when he drove over the line!

Gets the GPS set up and thennnnn on comes his music. I have told you guys about the difference in our opinions on music and for the most part I give in..  he has however taken on a new venue.. which I simply cannot stand. So he is playing his music and the GPS is telling us how fast we are going and it isn’t matching the speedometer so he tells me that the speedometer is off… and more music and more music. I am looking out the window.. Praying for a nap .. still more of the music and fiddling with the phone again.. So I say..pull over.. pull over and let me drive and you fiddle with that in the seat over there. He NEVER lets me drive but, the chance to play with his phone is too enticing so he pulls over at  the next rest stop.. I start driving and he tells me right off that I need to get out of the passing lane. .. you are only supposed to pass in that lane not drive in it.  To which I tell him .. “that is fine.. I am planning to pass everything!”  He then gives me the lecture on how I am going to get a ticket. I tell him I won’t because the “GPS has got me covered!”

He busies himself with the phone for about 2 hours then needs to stop at the rest stop and he wants the keys.. I tell him I am driving and he tells me ” I need to now” so I do a juvenile thing and dump them down my shirt.. We are in the parking lot and he is telling me really quiet like because people are out that I better give him the keys and his eyes are all shifting to see if people are paying attention then he grabs them!!!  So I am laughing now really, really hard and he is telling me to get in the car..

Back in the car and more of that music.. so we  have about an hour left and I said you know the rule in the car when I drive with the kids is we each get an hour of our music and we take turns.. So  I tell him this music is making me feel like I have bugs in my eyes.. I am going to have to listen to something else.  He finally caves .. I think it is due to the glazed over, half insane look on my face.. So I pop in some country music.. What a blessing and a gift.. !! He doesn’t think so . So he calls his brother on the phone..  They are discussing going to the dinner for his dad’s 90th birthday…. this takes about 10 minutes of my music time. So I tell him that he ate 10 minutes of my music and I still don’t have the same as him so on the way back I am listening to 3 hours of mine!! Then in my head it appears that we have turned into two kindergartners in the back seat.. By now we are nearing Snowville and I had told him that the truck would make the whole trip and he tells me” you better be sure because if I don’t stop and we run out of gas I am not going after it and I will not be happy.” I tell him what would be the difference he has not been happy… we will be ok.” then I start looking at what the GPS says is the amount of miles left and I try to glance at the gas meter without him seeing and he catches me.. “Yeah… you think we can make it!” I say yes and we are coming on the exit last chance and fear takes over…”Never Mind stop in here and get gas!” to which he happily obliges  and I am annoyed as I had a time frame for the trip in mind and after the stop to get him to let me drive, the stop to  let him drive and now this .. We are approximately 20 minutes off my plan… oh well.. I won’t be walking while he waits in the truck for me to bring him back gas :)

   On several trips we have had arguments, discussions, joked and laughed and not spoken for an entire trip!! So are we worried if the other is having a good time- I don’t know about that but, do we work around it? Yes.. because that is what you do when you have been traveling with someone for 32 years. You argue, discuss, joke and laugh.. take the long road and the short road, compromise and get your way and give them theirs.  This is the way it works for life’s long road too.

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