Well…this blogging thing can’t really be titled an “era”–unless you want to quote Rachel on Friends, “An area is a significant period of time. It was significant to me, maybe it wasn’t significant to you!” (Which reminds me, I’m in need of a Friends fix. It’s been a while.)


Our “G” date that never made it to the blog


For many reasons…most of which I can’t quite express because they are more feelings and they can easily be categorized as “Sharlee feelings” which don’t usually make a lot of sense to the rest of the world…I’ve decided to stop publicly blogging.

I never disliked blogging so I never anticipated that these feelings would come on so strongly and so suddenly. Everything in me is telling me that I need to move on/move away from this. My husband tells me to give it more time that maybe I’ll change my mind (probably because he was about to publish another post on here that we were both very excited about). My mom tells me this makes her sad. I know that at some point..possibly the second I hit publish on this post, I will wish that I could just write one more post. But I have to trust my gut. I haven’t written on here…really written…in over a month. I gave myself a good amount of time to see how I felt and this is just the decision I’ve come to.

There were a lot of obligations I previously had that are no longer and that opened up the opportunity for me to stop doing this now. I decided to post this now because I need the closure of saying goodbye.

For now, I will leave my blog up. Whether or not my mom is taking it over is still up for discussion.

There are many of you that I have “met” through blogging and developed friendships. I am truly grateful for the handful of ladies that I was truly able to make connections with.  Though I’ve been absent from the internet all month (so no comments have been made on blogs), I will stop by and send an email from time to time. Amberly, I need to see how your puppy raising goes! And of course continued to be inspired by all of your goals :) Brooklyn, I’m super excited to see your wedding plans blossom and I am SO happy for you! And Lauren, I cannot wait to see that beautiful little girl of yours in the next few months. And Rachel, we’re just going to have to keep emailing those heartfelt (and often humorous)discussions.

Thanks to all of you who’ve taken the time to read, follow, and comment. I have truly enjoyed sharing my life and my thoughts and feelings with you and I have so appreciated the abundance of kindness. I’m always available for chats via email believinginsomething@gmail.com. I’d still love to hear from you!!!