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Hi, I’m Sharlee! In all honesty, you’re probably reading the 122nd 123rd version of my “About Me.” Is it just me or is it the hardest page to write?  It’s like being on a first date except nobody’s asking you questions. You’re just volunteering random bits of information like your guilty pleasures and how late you like to sleep in. And then you stumble upon someone else’s “About Me” and you swoon over their self-introductory skills. Well, I’ve done it a lot of times and I’ll tell you, because of that I know what a good “About Me” section entails:

family 2013

A Good About Me Section points out the big and littles that make up the blogger.

I’m pretty easy to please. I’m happiest when I’m at home with my husband and my dog. My husband and I are on a mission to always be newlyweds and I am on a mission to always make the bed and not have dishes in the sink—I like to keep my house clean.

I am not a morning person, I need a good hour of alone time while I’m at work before I feel like having any real kind of conversation. I am not a crafty-person. I admire crafty people but I am not jealous of them. It is not anything I desire to do.  I am not stylish. I never have and never will put these thighs in a pair of skinny jeans. I have more hoodies than I have anything else and I actually prefer to wear them. I don’t know how to do makeup. I love feeling pretty, but I try smokey eyes and it just isn’t ever very pretty. Among other non-talents of mine are: singing, organizing (unfortunately it’s not the same as cleaning), decorating my house, and being laid back.

But I am: a lover of country music (love it like a religion), an elementary school teacher, a semi-math nerd, and a BIG fan of: summer, jeans, and tans.

I am crazy about my husband, high heels, a good book, and feeling like a lady.

My husband says I’m good at being a wife. My mom says I’m good at everything.

Sometimes I like to think they are right.  I won’t tell you what my brother and dad say about me. It’s not as nice, but it’s probably more true.


A good About Me Section tells  you what this space is all about

I picked the title because I believe that we are all our best versions of ourselves when we believe in something. That doesn’t mean religion. That doesn’t mean love. It can, but it doesn’t have to.

This isn’t a blog exclusively about faith, though I do write about that from time to time. Not to isolate people, but to invite conversations…especially with those of different faiths.

This isn’t a blog exclusively about marriage, though I do write about that quite often because I believe in spreading the good word about marriage.

This isn’t a blog exclusively  about loving yourself, though it is a goal of mine to learn to love myself  and especially my body…all of it…by the time I turn 30 and so I write about that on here, too.

This is a blog about all of those things tied together and a few other little day-to-day snippets and thoughts to top it all off.

last day on balcony

A good About Me Section is filled with the blogger’s voice. Humor maybe? Sass? Honesty? Or just plain confidence.

Well, I can only hope on that one!

And last but not least, a good About Me Section tells  you to grab your favorite drink and stay awhile—all the good bloggers say it, but I still love it. I feel like I’m in the South and am being invited to sit on the front porch in rocking chairs and drink sweet tea.

And so, yes, I will invite you to grab your favorite drink—my recent fave is Chocolate Almond Milk, but that’s not really a rocking chair type drink so we’ll go with the runner-up: Cherry Coke—and stay awhile.

If you think I’m 2nd date material, check out the 10 Sides to Me or other Reader Favorites

You can also visit me on Bloglovin,  Pinterest or Twitter…see you there!



12 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Is it weird that I think we’re destined to be friends? I too am passionate about being an elementary teacher, my sweet beagle puppy (Maggie), and country music. I’m in my 9th year of teaching this year. I looped with grade 3-4 for 2 years and have been 3rd every year since, until this year when I’ve moved to 5th! (Scary but exciting change!) I sing along EVERY time with your current song obsession :) Without my faith I’d see no point in anything. I’m most grateful for parents who also left no question in my heart that I am loved. I do love crafting though (more collecting ideas than actually getting them done) and I only own 1 pair of heels (bought for my daughter’s wedding). I am currently obsessed with a bright peacock shade blue but I’m not brave enough to embrace color to the degree I love them. I kind of long for relationships like you describe with your husband, brother, and friends. (Long, probably toxic stories I’ll spare you)/ I’m probably your mother’s age, but look forward to being inspired by the spirit and energy I sense you are sharing through your blog!

    • Kelly, I am so happy you wrote!!! First of all, NO! I don’t think it’s weird that you think we’re destined to be friends. I love blogging for that reason, making new friends and learning from them. I love the insights I get from talking with other people. Too crazy that you’re a teacher, too! Especially the grade level stuff. I’m only in my fourth year of teaching. I started out in fifth grade. We eliminated a fifth grade classroom so I was moved to fourth grade. I spent two blissful years there. We eliminated a fourth grade classroom. So I am now in third and what a jump it is to move down a grade level. I didn’t feel it as much when I went from fifth to fourth, but I sure do feel it now!!! I feel blessed by my relationships which you speak of (I certainly don’t deserve them), but I am not immune to the toxic stories in my own life…oh aren’t those the things that make life so colorful?!?! Or at least that’s what we hear at church all of the time, blessings come through adversity. Trying to learn that myself and learn to distance myself kindly away from those that don’t make me feel good. I’m so glad you wrote and hope to chat with you more!

  2. Sharlee,
    I’d like to think we are already friends, but I feel like I could get to know you better and would really like to. I love following your blog, its one of my new favorites :) I’m going to be out of town for the next fee weeks but when we get back we should plan something. Thanks for blogging!

    • Jasmine, thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, we are friends, but getting together sometime sounds great! We’ll have to make it happen when you get back in town!

  3. Yes let’s be friends! I’m a Mormon Mama blogger who has been married for seven blissful years. I love finding creative ways to teach my two girls who are 4 years and 16 months old. I look forward to reading your posts!

    • So glad to get your comment, Danielle! I just added you to my Google reader. I look forward to getting to know you through your posts as well. Thanks for commenting! :) Also, glad to hear the “blissful” years part. :) It’s refreshing, you know?!

  4. Hi Sharlee, I just came across your site! its great. I love the image of your pile of washing.. is it ok to borrow it for a promotion I am running? let me know if there is a problem with that!

  5. Thanks for letting me join your blog, I am certain I will enjoy both yours and yours moms post. Have a great weekend y’all


  6. I love that first photo with your husband and dog. You guys are too cute!

  7. Hello! This is a very nice and the most unique About Me page I’ve stumble upon so far! I think I’m gonna love your blog! Have a nice day! :)

    • Why thank you! Thanks for taking the time to let me know…especially since it was something that I worked pretty hard on–if I must admit it! :) I do hope you’ll like what you find here! :)

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