What’s Our Story?

He is a Georgia boy. I am an Idahoan–born, raised, and love it.

He has been married before. I saved my first kiss for him.

He studies computers in and out and he’s extremely thorough. I blog and I work quickly to get to the end result.

I like the finished product, he likes the process.

He’s easy-going. Me? Not so much.

The short version is: we met at a game night. A group of my Mormon single friends got together every weekend to play board games–sounds so cliché and so much simpler than it really was, but that’s where we met.

Some day I might share the whole story with you, because honestly we love to tell it. It’s a pretty good one. We are meant to be.

When we met:

He was jaded and I was a believer.

He was angry and I was hopeful.

He was conservative and I thought I was a liberal.

We had only a competitive spirit, a love of board games, our faith, and a fierce attraction and adoration for one another in common.

We’ve been married 2 years in November and now:

I’m still a believer and he is getting there.

I don’t know a single soul who would describe Zach as angry. I am the one with the temper.

He’s still conservative and I’m…a moderate. I definitely have more conservative values. I guess always did, it just took someone like Zach to help me see it. He is not pompous or rude. He is smart and knows more than anyone else I know about politics.

We still share a love for board games, competition, the gospel, and one another.

We also:

Have a love of  Burn Notice, shooting, Idaho Pizza, and travel.

We sleep in, read, watch movies, talk, pray, and walk the dog together.

He works full-time in the tech field…he’s the guy on the help desk. But he’s charming. He is also going to school full-time.

He works hard.

He teaches primary in our church and loves it.

I  teach for a living.

I serve in our ward as a ward missionary and the Young Women’s camp director.

We have a dog named Mal, he is one year old.

Our lives are busy. We know that will probably not ever change.

I’m still coming to terms with this reality.

We live within our means.

We both have big dreams for the future.

We fight. We laugh. We play. We love.

We don’t claim to have it all figured out. We don’t claim our lives our perfect. But we celebrate the good in one another and in our lives. And that makes us happy.

We are blessed.


4 thoughts on “What’s Our Story?”

  1. Found you through Hailey’s blog. LOVE it! I’m also an Idahoan girl :)

    • Yay! So glad you found me. Heading over to check out your site now, I’m always happy to meet new people blogging! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Idaho Pizza?! Now I’m curious.. Would have never thought pizza was big in Idaho!

    • Pizza is just pizza in Idaho. I don’t know if I’d say it’s big, it’s big in the way that people order Dominos and Pizza Hut. It’s not like New York or anything :) Idaho Pizza is a local pizza chain in Idaho and their pizza is (in my humble opinion) the best you will find anywhere. It is to die for! And their cheesy bread?!? OH MY GOSH!! SO yum!! If you’re ever visiting, let me know. I’ll have to make sure you get hooked up with some Idaho Pizza! :)

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